Swaziland Day Tours

Day tours in the Kingdom of Swaziland The Kingdom of Swaziland is an absolute Monarchy, ruled by King Mswati III, and is famous for the ceremonial culture where old traditions and beliefs still govern every aspect of life. Swazi’s pride themselves on the warmth and friendliness that they extend to all visitors, and are well known for their skills as artists and craftsmen. We take our guests to visit places such as Swazi candles, Maguga dam, Ngwenya Glass, Mantenga Village and King Sobhuza II Memorial Park. We will stop during the day for lunch, which is for guests’ own account Duration: Approximately 10-11 hours Pick up time: 06h00 Drop off time: 17h00 Includes: Entry fees & bottled water Exludes: Border & Visa fees, lunch Minimum: 4 Adults
Swaziland day tour
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